We see this kind of scenario more often than you would think, and it’s heartbreaking. A customer takes his car to a shop to have restoration work done, pays a lot of money and receives a complete mess of a car back. Then he has to take it to a different shop and try to get it sorted out. We know he has put his savings into this Mustang, and now we have to tell him about all the problems we have to fix. That is a hard thing to do. On this project the customer had purchased a lot of great parts—some of the same parts we would have used and installed. The problem is the shop did not install the parts correctly. The Gateway Performance Suspension kits are simple to install, but the shop didn’t follow the instructions that came with the kit, and they left out a lot of the key parts from the install kits. These kits are designed for do-it-yourself Mustang owners and, for the most part, they are bolt-in kits. We will repair anything that is not installed correctly so we can make sure this couple can and will enjoy their Mustang.

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