This is going to be a Pro-Touring 1967 Fastback. We started the build off by replacing any bad sheet metal with Dynacorn parts. We do all of our welding using a Miller 211 welder. It will be getting Gateway Performance Suspension parts to make this build one bad ass handling Mustang. We will be installing Ford Performance Parts’ Coyote crate engine.  In order for the engine to fit, we are installing Gateway Performance Suspension’s Notched Shock Tower Kit. This kit is the only way to safely install these wide engines into the vintage Mustang. We will then raise the tunnel of the car to fit the Tremec T-56 transmission kit. Mr. LaFaire will have us install some of the Sammy Hagar car’s parts on his car. Handling will be added to the project by installing the Gateway Performance Suspension Street Extreme Strut and Brake kit as well as the rack and pinion steering kit on the front. The rear will be getting the Gateway Performance Suspension Street Extreme 3 link kit and the Street Extreme Rear Brake Kit. When this project is done it will be able to rule the Autocross and Road Course Tracks.

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